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Mar. 25th, 2010

I have reached that point in my life where I am tired of not having a steady income.

Working in restaurants was supposed to be temporary while I was in school. When I graduated, it was the only work I could find instantly. Still, I said it was temporary until I started to substitute teach or find an office job or go to grad school even.

It's been almost a year since I graduated and I am just tired of it all.

I went through a 2.5 week interview process for a new job. It was part time to start, full time in May, and the pay was AMAZING- like, $18/hour. I'd be working with kids in a music setting and enjoying my job.

I found out yesterday they went with another candidate, but "If she doesn't work out you're the first person we're calling.". The girl that I would have been working for said she really wanted it to be me, and basically sounded like she's hoping the other girl doesn't work out, but it just frustrates me that I went through all this crap for these interviews (owner was 45 minutes late for an interview and then interviewed the 3 other candidates before me, meaning I was there for THREE HOURS for a 15 minute interview). I really felt like this job was the perfect fit for me, and it would have solved my money issues and job issue of wanting a real job.

Today I went to work and I was just MISERABLE. Does anyone know how crappy it is to feel stuck in your job, with no signs of a better job coming along? It sucks.

I've decided to take a few days off so I can visit school districts and sign up for subbing. I'm also going to a few temp agencies, and hopefully trying to find a serving/bartending job that is much closer to my apartment, because the commute to my work is killing me. I want to sell my car and be done with it.

In happier news, I'm very much in love. I'm bringing him home to my dad this weekend. We've been dating since November. In that aspect, life is good.


Mar. 28th, 2010 05:02 am (UTC)

And whoo love indeed! He's pretty fantastic.

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