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Aug. 20th, 2009

Ingrid Michaelson AND Imogen Heap have new albums out on Tuesday.  *swoon*

Post Secret is coming to Bradley.  I'm thinking that's a perfect reason to visit Peoria for one day or stay overnight.

I need to fast for the next 3 days, or just eat salad and drink lots of water.  Too many bad foods between Buffett (twice), Jeavon being home and pizza at work.  Luckily I do not have time to eat at the restaurant, because I'm super busy until the kitchen closes.  I'm getting used to eating mostly during the day before my shift so I don't eat late at night and then go straight to bed.

I wore the wrong bra with my dress today.  I needed a plunge bra.  I figured this out after I got stares on the train and bus.  Thankfully we had safety pins at the office!
Well, I remedied the "not riding my bike in a week" situation by riding 15 miles on Monday.

Muscles I didn't know I had are very sore, including my arms.  That MAY have to do with me tripping on a sidewalk yesterday, but I'm not sure.

Still dealing with car accident shit.  The guy's insurance co. wants $8400 from me, so it looks like I'll be filing bankruptcy.  At least I'll get a fresh start?  I still have no car.  I'm looking for a beater car for $500 that can get me between jobs- that's all I need.  Still haven't sold the Rabbit to anyone- may have to take that guy up on his offer of $2000.  At least I'd be able to get a crap car, register it and get insurance on it for a year with that money. 

I woke up with "I Say a Little Prayer" in my head, and now it's playing on the radio at work. 

I'm visiting Evansville this weekend, for one night.  I'm hoping to figure out what's going on with Justin and I.  I think it's just time to have that talk of  "are we serious or not?".  I'm at that point where I miss him, but I don't know if I see a future with him.  And if there's no future, why stay in a long distance relationship? 

Anyway, I'm about to clock out and head to the restaurant.


Ok, so I'm pretty big on Facebook and Myspace status updates, but claiming that it felt like a "phantom limb" because you couldn't let someone know you were drinking your quad-shot-soy-latte-no foam-2 pump and then planning on taking a shit is really just too much for me.  (Besides, who doesn't like foam on their latte?)

For me, the status update is more of a point of amusement.  I will be the first to admit that I have an intense relationship with my Blackberry.  I text, Google Chat, play on Facebook/Myspace (I even make the occasional phone call)- but for the businessman that felt his day was altered because he depends so much upon Twitter for business dealings?  Seriously, how you operating a business by doing updates in 140 words or less? 

Maybe I'm just not informed enough about Twitter.  Yes, I have a Twitter account- I opened it so I could try and score free/cheap Six Flags tickets.  I bleieve I've updated 3 or 4 times.  I found it to be stupid- just look at my damn Facebook or even CALL ME.  (P.S., I HATE that you can merge your Twitter updates with Facebook.)

About 4 years ago, I found myself saying "Whatever happened to sending someone a letter or notecard in the mail?".  Just this week I said "Whatever happened to emailing someone?".  Instead, I comment on their Facebook, text them, google chat, comment on a livejournal, etc. 

I think technology is offically going too far for me when it comes to communicating with people (you know, human beings?  They're generally warm, come in all colors, shapes and sizes.  I'm sure you've seen a picture of them on Flickr.).  Of course, I'm saying this on a BLOG, but blogs are so old school that I am okay with it. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go tell everyone on Facebook, Myspace, Yourspace, Hisspace, Herspace, Twitter, Twatter, Tooter, Google Chat, and perhaps schedule a sky writing so the world knows about this livejournal post.

 I have 2 jobs.  Secretary by day, bartender by night.

I still have no car, but public transportation is pretty much getting the job done.

I've lost 10 pounds.  Hooray for biking and walking.  I feel like I should have lost more by now, but I'm working on it.

The new restaurant I'm working at is pretty fantastic.  I'm bartending 3 days a week, serving 2.  It's a small bistro, only serves beer and wine, but it's all craft/microbrew beers and a LOT of wine, so I'm learning a LOT more about wine and beer, which I am excited about.  I'm also learning a LOT about cheese.  Here's where I'm working:  www.marionstreetcheesemarket.com

Let's see here...about the "no car" thing.  I was in a wreck a week after I moved back to Chicago.  My car is in bad shape ($7000 to make it brand new again), so I've been riding my bike to the train and using public transportation to get around mostly.  It's been about 6 weeks, so I'm starting to miss having a car, especially at night when I close at the restaurant and get home late and have to ride my bike.  There aren't many street lights and sometimes there aren't sidewalks.  I DO have a light on my bike.  2 people are interested in purchasing my car as is currently (mechanics), so I'm hoping to do a trade of some sorts with them so then I have a car still!

I was a little depressed when I first moved home.  Things are just so different and I miss my friends in Evansville.  But now that I'm working so much, I'm doing a lot better and I feel a lot more positive.  I am not planning on running back to Evansville anymore like I was thinking about doing a few weeks ago.  I plan to move into the apartment with Jess in September. I will have my dog back.  I will finally be living in Chicago proper, something I've wanted to do for a long time.  I feel like, for once, I'm finally achieving what I've set out to do.  It may have taken some time, but life seems to be getting back on the right track for me.

 I'm back in Addison.

I'm living with my parents.

I like it when they're not home.

I may be working at a daycare, teaching 2 year olds.  

Dad's building a restaurant, so in 3 months I have a bartending position pretty much being handed to me, and I'm okay with that.

I have spent this past week handing out resumes at bars downtown, emailing my resume to at least 10 or 15 potential employers, swimming/getting tan, and seeing old friends.  Seeing my old friends is wonderful.  

I have an apartment lined up downtown for September.  I have to have enough money by then to move out.  I will know for certain about this daycare job by Tuesday, so I'm anxious.  I haven't heard from any other prospects.  At least I'll be using my degree- kind of.

I'm starting to work out.  I'm getting a bike.  I plan to bike downtown a lot and swim on the beach.  When I lose 50 pounds I am getting myself a tattoo, finally.  I've also been watching what I eat a lot more and trying my best to make healthy choices.  Maybe I'll go back to WW, but that's money and I don't really have it right now.  But we'll see.

I miss Justin.  I probably won't see him until July 25, which is still a month away, and it's already been a week.  Lame.  I hate long distance relationships.  I got mad because for 2 nights straight he had fallen asleep before we could talk on the phone (one night was after hanging out with his friends and his phone died and he just put it on the charger and fell asleep).  We talked about it today so all is well.

My mom just asked why I'm awake at 2.40am.  *sigh*  This is why I hate living at home.  

 I have a lot of packing left to do.  I'm leaving Evansville June 19th.

I think I keep putting off packing because I am not all that excited about the move.  Everything is so uncertain in terms of jobs and money and living situations.  I have a feeling I'll end up back in Evansville in a few months, because the cost of living is much cheaper and I can actually afford an apartment by myself if I come back here, and I really want my own place.  

Teaching jobs- I've filled out applications, I haven't heard from anyone yet.  I haven't lost all hope, but something tells me I'll be substitute teaching for a bit.  

I spent the day painting rooms in Terre Haute today.  My dear friend James is opening a surgery center up there and it opens Monday and it is still not ready.  We're going back up on Sunday to finish painting the last room or two and getting the exam rooms in order.  Luckily, they're only opening for consultations on Monday.  The good thing is I'm getting paid for my time, which is good, since my actual jobs haven't been scheduling me.  I've lost so much sleep over stressing about money.  I hate feeling completely helpless, because there just isn't anything for me to do about the situation.  

We listened to a lot of Stevie Wonder today, which made me smile.
 I can hear my neighbor singing a lullaby to her son.  The sound comes up through the floor.  It's beautiful.


 I have nearly debilitating cramps right now.  Ouch.

I want to rearrange my room.  I need someone to be here to help me.

It finally snowed here last night.  It was a beautiful snow, really large flakes silently falling.  Very serene & beautiful.  But not enough snow to close the schools yet.

I went photographing yesterday, and it was rejuvenating.

My first week of student teaching went great.  I'm actually introducing a lesson on my own tomorrow.  It's one of the teacher's lessons, he'll be out of town so he put me in charge for a day.  He told me he wasn't worried about it only being my second week, because he thinks I'm doing a fantastic job & already taking charge.

Chicago job ideas:  substitute teaching (which can be a full time gig), bartending (I'm not ready to give it up yet), barista at a coffee shop (perhaps Intelligentsia?), dog walker (get paid to exercise!).

I want to drive cross country this summer.  With Jeavon living in San Francisco, we have a perfect destination point.  She may come home this summer for a month or two, then we'll drive back.  We'd have to rent a car, because I'll fly home from San Fran.  I want to stop in Vegas, among other things.

Jonathan's mom may be sending us to France for a week this summer as his birthday present.  It's very tentative, so I'm not getting my hopes up.

Besides work on Saturday, I have been pretty lazy this weekend.  Today I hope to change that.  I have to do laundry, organize my room a little, possibly go to Borders or Barnes & Noble, maybe stop at the mall to find another pair of pants for student teaching (or a skirt).

I've been reconnecting with people from high school lately.  It's a little weird, but comforting at the same time.  I had a great group of friends in high school and cut ties with them before I left for college for the most part.  Now it's been 9 years and I think we're all curious.  Sometimes I think I've changed a lot as a person since high school, but then I think about it, and I don't think my personality really has changed all that much.  I'm just as sassy, outrageous, loud, fun, sarcastic and opinionated as I was in high school.  Just because we get older doesn't mean we have to change all the time.  

I keep having very vivid dreams, to the point that I have to do a reality check when I wake up sometimes.

I love my apartment, and I'm going to miss it very much when I move back home.  Dani's moving in with Justin, so I won't even be able to come back to visit it.

My parents won't let me have Jax home with me when I move this summer.  Luckily, Dani and Justin offered to take care of him for a few months until I get my own place.  Sometimes I think he likes them more than me anyway, so I know he'll be okay, and he won't be lonely, and I'll come to visit so he doesn't forget who I am, haha.

I want to go roller skating.  Or ice skating.  Maybe both?

 I've been up for two hours, and it's finally daylight.  Waking up at 6am sucked, and waking up at 5.30am is going to suck even more, because that's when I really have to wake up in order to shower and whatnot before school.

All I've done this morning is take Jax out and drink some coffee.  

I need to remember to take out my nose ring before going to orientation today.

I'm crashing the photography class tomorrow night to find out if I'm going to receive my letters of recommendation in the next two weeks.  Because that's when I need them and I couldn't get in touch with them over break.  They're dependable like that.

I hope my student loan is dispersed when the schedule says it will be, because I really need that money.

I think it's going to be a good season on nip/tuck.  Scrubs too.

Jan. 9th, 2009

Somebody stole over 300 bras from the Victoria's Secret here in Evansville. The story was published on our paper's website, and the comments left on it were so cheesy, but I was very amused! Here's the link:  www.courierpress.com/news/2009/jan/06/more-300-bras-stolen-local-store/

Howard the Duck is coming out on DVD March 10th.  Some of you may not know what I'm talking about, and for that I'm truly sorry.  This is one of my favorite movies from when I was a kid- in fact, I'm watching a VHS copy while I type this.  I think part of the reason I loved this movie so much is that my brother had nightmares for weeks after we first saw it.

I'm student teaching, starting next week- as long as my paperwork is in order after I go to the university tomorrow.  I am also applying to grad school.  I'm really not all that excited about student teaching, because I have heard nothing good about trying to get a job lately.  Art programs are being cut, districts are on hiring freezes- it all just makes me feel like I wasted another 4 years.  All I want is my MFA so I can teach college and be a photographer for a living.

I had a great birthday.  I went to dinner with 3 of my closest friends and boyfriend.  We went for sushi, of course (it's sort of tradition for me).  Afterwards, we went to the bar I work at, where I received many free drinks and had a splendid time.  Jonathan was our DD for the evening, which was GREAT!

Last night Jonathan and I went for coffee (there's this cute little cafe by my apartment).  We took a walk and he mentioned wanting to go on an adventure of some sort- anything but sitting around the apartment like we usually do.  We also didn't want to go sit at a bar all night, because we're on diets and trying to cut out alcohol.  I decided we should go on a mini road trip.  Nothing major, just get out of town for a few hours and do SOMETHING.  There really is nothing to do in Evansville on a week night except go out drinking, unless there is a decent lecture going on at one of the colleges.  

So, we drove to Louisville.

This may sound crazy to most of you, but Louisville is only about 2 hours away from Evansville.  It was perfect.  We drove there, met up with one of his friends, played some pool and then drove back.  We had to stop for Subway because we were tired and needed energy.  With gas, I think we spent about 50 bucks.  Not bad at all.  

I want to go on a cross-country road trip.  With Jeavon living in San Francisco, I have a great final destination.