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Now it's famine.

Restaurant didn't work out (they hired another girl and decided it "just wasn't working out" with me, which I take to mean that the other girl was thin and I am not so I was no longer needed).  Still working doggie daycare, but probably reducing my hours because the dogs don't listen to me and I'm not doing a good job, so I'm only going to work receptionist shifts, but there are only 2 open for me to have.  I have applied to close to 50 jobs in the last 2 weeks, not a single call back yet.  If I don't find more work soon I don't know what I'm going to do, I'm making so little money that I moved out of my apartment and in with Josh because I can't afford to pay rent. 

I want a stable job.  I want health insurance.  I want a hair cut.  I want to not worry how I'm going to buy groceries or gas or pay the back rent I owe my landlord.  I want to stop being a complete and total loser.

Ok, I will try and put some positives in this post.  Living with Josh is actually pretty great.  I won Ingrid Michaelson tickets this week, so we went to her show on Wednesday.  She was awesome, it was so weird to see her in a large venue with a full band backing her up.  I've been to the gym twice this week, and going a third time today.  The new Jewel opened yesterday and they are having a beer tasting with Goose Island, so I will get groceries there today ($1.49 gallon of milk FTW!).

That's all I've got right now.

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