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Feast or famine.

I have 3 jobs!

Job #1: A new Italian restaurant in Evanston, which is terribly sexist (I'm one of 2 women working on the floor) but great money so I just work and go home. The guys I work with are really nice and respectful, the manager is a bit old fashioned and it bothers me. But, for $300-500 a week in three days of work, I'll deal.

I'm also working at my friend Amanda's doggie daycare. It's a cageless boarding facility. I will be working on Saturdays and Sundays. I've trained for 3 days so far, and Saturday I will start working the 8am-6pm shift. Two days a week pays my rent and car payment. The dogs are great, I'm learning how to discipline Jax more, which is always a good thing. I also get to spend time with Amanda, which is fun- we haven't been spending as much time together in the last few months because of our crazy schedules, so it's nice to see her more.

I'm also picking up shifts at Hala Kahiki when they need me. I worked this past Sunday and I'll be working again in 2 weeks. The funniest part about this past Sunday is that on Monday my friend Caitlin found this:

That's right kids, I'm the subject of a missed connection.  I emailed him and said I was flattered, but I have a boyfriend and I'm sorry if he got the wrong impression.  I'm a waitress, I smile a lot, and apparently that gets me in trouble.  Either way, I found it amusing, as did Josh.

Speaking of...things are going great.  Still ridiculously happy.  This is from my cousin's wedding a couple weeks ago.

Jeavon came home for a couple weeks and we had a great time.  We drove to New Jersey and back, went to the beach, hung out with my awesome cousin and her fantastic husband, along with their adorable kittens and Shar Pei, Ryce.  On her last day in town I made pesto with freshly picked basil, then we went to Green Mill and stayed up until sunrise with Josh and Brian, his best friend.  It was a great day.

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